70% of doctors recommend electric shocks on the penis to treat impotence

July 28, 2017
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There is no 100% evidence that erectile dysfunction helps current. But a certain effectiveness of the method is proven, so devoid of hope men began to resort to it. For example, cricketer sir Ian Botham has officially admitted that undergoing such treatment to preserve their virility, although this took the pills for improving potency kamagra brought from India. But, in fact, are shocks to the penis, almost the same as Viagra stimulate blood flow to the sex organ.

But, in contrast to medicines, gifts shock impact more on the cause of impotence is cardiovascular disease, and thus can be more efficient. However, a detailed study of the method has not been spent. In the UK and USA such treatment is not approved, but may be offered privately for £ 3000.

But urologists in most this method trust. During the 18th Congress of the European society for sexual medicine, a survey was conducted among 144 doctors, of which 71,5% said they considered this therapy effective.

It is worth noting that the causes of impotence may be different. For example, the use of painkillers that relax the muscles of codeine and morphine. Or inflammatory – such as naproxen, which restricts blood flow. Antidepressants may also adversely affect the erection and antihistamines. Common erectile dysfunction and the background of psychological problems that cause up to 20% of cases.

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