Antibodies kill cancer

July 25, 2017
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American scientists have developed a unique technology for the fight against cancer. The basis of a new method of therapy is ultraviolet light, which allows you to activate antibodies, whose variation is accurately and efficiently destroy cancer cells.

Therapy based on antibodies have long been considered one of the most effective for curing people suffering from cancer. However, scientists faced the problem of activation of these particles in the direction of attack of a malignant tumor in the human body. Today the problem is on the threshold of a holistic solution, the researchers note.

So, Professor Colin Self (Colin Self) and Dr. Stephen Thompson (Stephen Thompson) from the University of Newcastle (Newcastle University) managed to develop a specific procedure that allows the “masking” antibodies and their subsequent activation by ultraviolet irradiation of the human body, which is subject to contamination. This technology most effectively acts on cancer cells but not harm healthy parts of the human body, the researchers note.

Scientists demonstrate the procedure for “masking” the surface of the protein, e.g., antibodies, organic oil, sensitive to a particular spectrum cure. This procedure prevents the activation of the desired antibodies and their directions to the places where they will not benefit in the fight against cancer. Thus, the activity of the antibodies can be localized in very specific areas of the body affected by a malignant entity.

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