Bioengineers have found a way to build up your bones

July 9, 2017
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The newest technology, which consists of removal of bone marrow and injection of the hormone allows you to start a process of rapid formation of new bone in a predetermined area of the body. This discovery was made by scientists from Yale medical school (Yale School of Medicine).

The results of the analysis published in the journal Tissue Engineering. “New technology has the potential to radically change the approach to treatment of patients with hip fracture and other injuries,” says Professor Agnes Vignery (Agn├Ęs Vignery), head of the research project. According to experts, treatment methods, currently available, require surgery, but the result is not always satisfactory. The ideal approach in the treatment of fractures is to build new bone, and in the shortest possible time, the researchers said.

The analysis was conducted in the laboratory together with scientists from Unigene Laboratories, Inc.

The study was carried out to estimate the effectiveness of the procedure removal of bone marrow from a specific region with subsequent daily injections of an anabolic agent such as parathyroid hormone.

According to the results of the study, this procedure allows you to create new bone tissue, which in the structural and biological characteristics fully corresponds to the original. Biomechanical properties of new bone this results, experts say.

“Thus, we have shown that this procedure gives a synergistic effect of mechanical removal of bone marrow, while parathyroid hormone allows to fill a cavity,” said the Professor Vigneri. The researchers add that for the final implementation of the technology in place the necessary additional analysis and experiments on animals, which can be initiated clinical trial.

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