Control sugar levels will take on mobile app

August 6, 2017
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Scientists first used a smartphone to control the activity of living cells in animal models, reports BBC. This is an example of a unique blend of technology and biology, which allows you to control the level of blood in mice with diabetes. But this is not the only disease that is suitable for such therapy.

So, to make the system work, first the experts need to transform ordinary cells in a real factory. Cells are genetically changed and taught to produce drugs that control the sugar (like insulin). Development began in response to a certain light exposure (waves of certain length). This approach known as optogenetics.

Then the staff at East China normal University used wireless LEDs and the application includes them. System implanted in the body of mice, under the skin, and tested. This allowed to control cells by turning on the LEDs via the app.

The current version of the system does not track sugar levels. So scientists had to constantly monitoring it. The analysis showed that the system worked. In the future the developers promise to provide the new generation system, which controls the sugar, giving off an adequate dose of the drug and monitors the level of glucose in the blood

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