Intellectual technologies – the way to cheap diagnostic tools

June 30, 2017
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Scientists from the Research center VTT Technical Research Centre in Finland, together with colleagues from the University of California-Berkeley began a three-year project aimed at overcoming barriers that are installed today are too expensive methods of diagnosis of patients.

Thus, soon diagnosis of even the most serious diseases, which today is worth a lot of money and not available to everyone, will be the traditional initial phase of treatment due to a significant reduction in cost.

The main purpose of the joint work of Finnish and American researchers is the promotion of micro-devices on glass or silicon, which has an analytical function. Thanks to the advanced production technology, the device will be available to the public. The proliferation of smart biochip is of great importance for the effective diagnosis of any disease, scientists say.

The technology is the creation of a multi-layer structure, the size of which reach no more than tens of micrometers. This technology is part of VTT development Centre aimed at the promotion of intellectual microchips. Cooperation with scientists from the University of California have allowed researchers to implement developments in the field of medicine, the practical value of which was undeniable. Thus, diagnostic preparations of new generation will soon make up any tests and testing more accessible to all segments of the population, which will prevent many cases of deadly diseases.

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