Is there an Allergy to Wi-Fi?

July 12, 2017
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British DJ Steve Miller (Steve Miller) claims that because of his Allergy to Wi-Fi he had become a virtual recluse. Electromagnetic radiation cause nausea, dizziness and loss of orientation. WI-FI is a wireless technology used to connect computers in the network or connecting them to the Internet.

There are different points of view about the impact of wifi on human health, although most scientists believe that this technology is not hazardous to health. Other experts believe that a sound determination of the possible consequences required decades of careful observations, and therefore draws conclusions based on short term observations, can not be the basis for optimistic conclusions.

DJ from the UK Steve Miller claims that can’t ride the trains, stay in hotels, and visit the city center because of sensitivity to “electrosmog” caused by the radio waves of wireless Internet. Unfortunately, Steve got 2% of the population who suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity, while the number of private and business Wi-Fi users is growing, which only worsens his situation.

In his interview to the newspaper the Sun Miller said: “I feel outcast on his home planet. Now there are almost no places without Wi-Fi. If I want to drink beer, you have to go for three miles from the city in the only pub where there is no Wi-Fi. I can’t even go shopping. If I go somewhere else, you immediately feel the presence of wireless networks, and I have to be on the Lam”. Mr. Miller had lived in Ibiza in a nightclub where he worked. However, with the onset of the Allergy he had to leave behind most of the speeches abroad, because he could not be in airports and hotels. The only safe place for him is his house with thick granite walls in a village in Cornwall.

According to the information available to date, Wi-Fi is not dangerous to health. Radiation in this technology is lower than in mobile phones, and the frequency higher. The person who will be in range of Wi-Fi for a year, will receive approximately the same amount of radio waves, as at 20 minute conversation on a mobile phone. In Wi-Fi technology uses radio waves of very low intensity. Wavelength they are similar to those used in domestic microwave ovens, but the level of radiation they have 100 of thousands of times smaller than microwaves. On the other hand, some experts argue that the Internet can be dangerous. For example, Professor Olle Johansson (Olle Johansson) from the Swedish Karolinska Institute said that there are many documented cases, evidence of the negative consequences of low radiation at the chromosomal level.

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