New technology allows you to make a person transparent

July 5, 2017
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If the person had transparent skin, for example, like the jellyfish, the detection of any disease would not have any labor, it would be enough to see him, and to establish the cause of the disease. So, the doctor could observe the growth of a cancerous tumor without any tools.

However, the person is not transparent. “The reason for this seemingly not explained factor in the fact that human skin consists of excess light scattering material,” says Dr. Shang Yang (Changhuei Yang) from the California Institute of Technology (California Institute of Technology). That is why diagnosis of diseases is becoming one of the most difficult areas of medicine that require the involvement of complex tests, analyses, and technologies.

In spite of this, a group of researchers led by Dr. Yang has developed innovative optical means of “cheating” the human skin. The new technology allowed the phenomenon of barriers to the diffusion of light and eliminate distortion in the image of the viscera of the human body. Thus, a kind of transparency (with the help of special tools) becomes possible, the researchers said.

Since the light dispersion in the material is not unpredictable process for modern science, the scientists used in the development of the whole range of knowledge that has been gained in the study of optical phenomena. Thus, the monitoring process of the full penetration of light through human skin, was even reversible.

“We studied the phenomenon is analogous to throwing billiard balls” – said Dr. Yang. “If a player can precisely control the trajectory of the ball through proper selection of the angle of impact and speed, pushing the ball, you can get the balls to meet again in the original position of the triangle”. The developed technology is called “Suppression of the nebula optical phase conjugation” (turbidity suppression by optical phase conjugation, TSOPC). According to the researchers, if the new formulation will be available in daily medical practice, the transparency of human skin will allow you to diagnose even the most serious illnesses “on the spot” with high accuracy and without involving expensive equipment.

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