Scientists returned to the paralyzed man the ability to move the hand

August 22, 2017
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New technology in the US allowed a paralyzed man to partially control the movement of his hand by using brain signals, the study said, published in the medical journal Lancet.

53-year-old bill Kochevar (Bill Kochevar) was paralyzed eight years ago in a traffic accident. As writes the Financial Times, thanks to the development team of scholars of a private University Case Western Reserve in Cleveland, Ohio, Kochevar became the first person diagnosed with quadriplegia (paralysis of four limbs), which was able to partially regain control over the movement of the hands.

The study in the area of the motor areas of the cerebral cortex Kochevar was placed a special electronic implants that decode the brain signals, and the forearm placed special sensors that read the brain signals with a computer interface and allow you to stimulate the movement of the hand. His hand also attached a special automatic mechanism enabling movement of the limb.

“We report on the results (study participation — ed.) of a person with spinal cord injury who coordinated stretching and exciting movement, using his paralyzed hand and arm, which was revived with the help of an implanted functional electrical stimulation (FES), and controlled by using signals of the cerebral cortex”, — writes the Lancet.

“This study demonstrates for the first time the possibility of overcoming spinal cord injuries and restore some independence for a person with quadriplegia,” said the Financial Times project Manager Bob Kirsch (Kirsch Bob).

As writes the edition, Kochevar it took a long training and preparation due to muscle atrophy. It is noted that the movement is taken slowly and requires further development. Currently, the main achievement is the fact that Kochevar was able to eat without assistance.

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