Stem cells renew themselves vision

July 22, 2017
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Scientists from the American National Research University under the leadership of Dr. Martin Friedlander has developed a new technology that will save humanity from the blindness. As you know, the main cause of vision loss doctors call vascular diseases of the eye. Most often this affects the elderly and diabetics, sometimes this disease is also found in infants with congenital degeneration of the retina.

Vascular disease is triggered by disruption in blood supply, insufficient blood flow to the blood vessels. This disease can develop due to inflammatory processes. In contrast to the brain or heart, where the presence of additional vessels in the eye so the process of vision loss happens very quickly. Modern methods of treatment of this disease are quite diverse, ranging from laser therapy to treat angiogenic drugs whose primary function is to neutralize the action of the injured vessels.

Scientists from the team of Dr. Friedlander propose to treat these disease by preserving damaged blood vessels and the activation of the new. This is possible by introducing into the eyes of stem cells that turn into blood vessel cells – the microglia. Stem cells also contribute to the regeneration of the nerve endings in the surrounding tissues. It turns out that blood vessels in the eyes not only provide it with oxygen and take away the products of decay, but also stimulate nearby muscles. Stem cells can be used for the treatment of degenerative diseases such as pigmentosa and macular degeneration of the retina. Scientists also believe that using new technology will be able to cure glaucoma.

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