Technology can eat up our memory?

June 10, 2017
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New technologies, such as computers and the Internet, allow you to store vast amounts of information and in seconds we find interesting facts. All this, according to experts, adversely affects our ability to remember, making our brain and memory function more lazy.

Before we had computers and cell phones, we were forced to keep in memory a lot of information, for example, birthdays of friends and their numbers. Now that everything is stored in the bowels of PCs and other modern devices, a person needs to remember only the storage location information. In this regard, experts suggest that the parts of the brain associated with memory may eventually be some changes.

“We believe that technology is threatening the memory, because we no longer need to remember the name of a certain actress, and enough “googling” to remember her name. However, this phenomenon may be a positive side” – say psychologists from the University of Columbia, USA.

Modern people more and more rely on computers when it comes to information. From the Internet we learn about how a bill defeated our favorite team, learn to use statistical formulas, digging out information about celebrities and all this only for a few seconds! “People immediately think of computers and smartphones when they need to know something. Of course, the technology to save us from the huge influx of information, but the fact that we rarely employ the mechanisms of its own memory, can not worry, because the memory is essential for everyday Affairs,” the researchers conclude.

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