The breath analysis will allow to establish the diagnosis

June 19, 2017
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Thanks to laser technology, scientists will be able to detect early stages of various diseases of man, exploring his breath. This was stated by experts from the National Institute of standards and technology (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and the University of Colorado (University of Colorado).

The study of respiration by means of the laser allows the detection of molecules that are markers of various diseases, from asthma to cancer, scientists say. Although the new technology requires further clinical trials, in a short time it can become an indispensable diagnostic tool. Due to simplicity and affordability, doctors can detect virtually any disease, only after analysis of the patient’s breathing. “Technology allows to obtain a detailed picture of many different molecules in exhaled air, the person that is describing the internal state of the body,” says Dr. Jun Ye (Ye Jun), head of the research project.

Recent advances in optical technologies and spectroscopy has allowed to create the laser, the radiation of which allows us to identify the exact molecules in the air. Due to the high sensitivity, the laser can effectively detect the few molecules which exhales people, and which are markers of diseases.

In the process of respiration in the human organism gets a complex mixture of different gases including nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, water evaporation, etc. Exhaled air contains less oxygen, more carbon dioxide and a rich collection of more than thousands of types of molecules, most of which are in minimal quantity. Same as bad breath indicates bad teeth, breathing out the methylamine may signal incorrect functioning of the kidneys and liver, the exhalation of ammonia – about acute renal failure. Elevated levels of acetone in exhaled air, the person indicates diabetes and nitric oxide on asthma.

When all the molecules contained in the exhaled air are detected simultaneously, can be obtained in a meaningful, effective information on the state of human health, the researchers said. The new technology will be the most available, cheap and reliable method of diagnosis of human, scientists say.

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