August 7, 2017
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First of all, before proceeding to the issue of the treatment of psychological impotence, it is important to note that the man need to make your own condition and to adequately assess the situation, according to And if impotence based purely on the psychological aspects of the impact, to rectify the situation not only possible, but, as you know, need!

Meanwhile, this kind of disorder determines a certain vicious circle, because, as you may have understood, it is triggered by stress, stress is reinforced by the experience with respect to failure, which only adds to the overall picture, and, eventually, literally “cornered”. Given the basis for provoking this disorder, treatment psychological impotence accordingly should consist of psychotherapy, i.e., psychotherapy.

Needless to say, before treatment is started, you should try to get rid of those factors that negatively affect the erection. It also means the normalization of lifestyle in combination with the normalization regarding sexual activity. The main purpose of the method of psychotherapy, which can be solved exist on that level of a problem, is to provide assistance for overcoming fear in men about the possible sexual failure. For greater efficiency and understanding of the situation under a different angle of consideration is highly recommended to visit a therapist with a permanent sexual partner.

Given the relevance in this disorder neurosis, the initial stage of treatment is to take appropriate measures for its further elimination. This may be prescribed tranquilizers, with whose help it is possible to relieve internal stress, fear and anxiety, acting as key factors in addressing the problem of sexual dysfunction in men. Making preparations occurs in a single order, before sexual intercourse (for a few hours before it starts).

Erectile dysfunction can also be the result of pathological or endogenous forms of depression, and therefore can also be assigned to antidepressants and anxiolytics as a helper method common therapy to eliminate the disorder in question. It should be noted that psychogenic form of erectile dysfunction determines the effectiveness of exposure methods for any type of therapy focused on restoring erections.

Additionally, the treatment of psychological impotence may include the following measures of therapy: therapy using prostaglandin (injection); vacuum-constrictory the method of providing negative pressure. With regard to such situations, which require a single image to overcome the psychological barrier that trigger erectile dysfunction can be used drugs, due to the action provided by short-term increase in potency (known to readers Viagra, Levitra, and other drugs). Often, it is accompanied by immediate recovery of erectile function. Sometimes impacts can be achieved through a course of treatment this type of drugs.

As the final piece of our article we note that the restoration and normalization of sexual activity as well as recovery and normalization of the psychological status of the patient – all this is ensured by complex treatment that must necessarily include psychotherapy. Only in this case we can consider the possibility of achieving an appropriate result, and further its effectiveness.

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