TV of the future: contact lenses will replace the plasma panel

July 15, 2017
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In the United States will be a presentation of the unique technology, which is called the “TV of the XXII century”. Special contact lenses will provide a projection of the virtual image on the cornea, comparable to the image on the screen of the giant plasma televisions.

While the largest manufacturers of consumer electronics improving technology, and inch by inch increase the size of plasma panels, the engineers of the American company Innovega decided to go the other way.

In the middle of this week in Las Vegas (Las Vegas) at the exhibition of achievements of modern electronics Consumer Electronics Show will be the first presentation of the newest technologies of transmission of television images, which its creators from the company Innovega, iOptik gave the name.
The technology provides the image of the big size and high definition – the consumer will have the feeling that it is looking plasma TV with a screen diagonal of 609 cm (240 inches) from a distance of 3 meters.

Such an incredible image quality will provide glasses, playing the role of a projector and special contact lenses.

When glasses are turned off or removed, contact lenses can perform the functions of a conventional lens “diopter”.

But when the points aktiviziruyutsya a tiny area in the center of each lens size in a fraction of a millimeter, which turns into a “television screen” – man, wearing and lenses, and the glasses on the periphery of vision sees the real picture of the world around him, and in the center of the field of view can watch the film with high resolution.

Broadcast TV signals in the system, “spectacle lenses” can provide a smartphone or portable game console.

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