Unique sports costume creates the most comfortable conditions for training

August 2, 2017
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Massachusetts Institute of technology have developed a breathable suit for training. The suit has valves opening or closing in response to the increase/decrease in body temperature and sweating. The size of the valve varies, and they are lined inside living cells of microbes. These cells shrink or increase depending on fluctuations in the moisture, says Zee News.

The cells act as small sensors and active elements, opening the valves, if the athlete is sweating. The valves close when the body begins to cool. The scientists also introduced the running shoes that have inside the same layer with cells and valves. Legs of an athlete do not sweat, which creates favorable conditions for training.

Important: moisture sensitive cells do not require additional elements to adequately respond to the humidity. Cells completely safe for humans. By the way, in addition to the opening of the valves, cells in conditions of high humidity to glow. This became possible thanks to genetics, they can give cells almost any properties. Glow, for example, it would be useful if people want to run in the evening.

Receiving cells, the researchers first drew attention to the non-pathogenic strain of E coli that modify the size of its cells depending on the degree of humidity. Then change the cells, to allocate teaching those glowing protein. Thus, the cells began to glow, if you felt the humidity.

Next time printing technologies using cells. Cells were applied to natural latex. It turned out a two-layer structure. They were tested by subjecting 100 times the steaming hot plate (cells shrank along with the latex increased, smoothing the surface). It is proved that the system is operable and quite durable.

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